If you are struggling to decide what to do

September 8, 2018

If you face a scenario where you are at a crossroad where the variables are many, the payoff uncertain, the visibility is murky and maybe even advices a plenty, then how do you choose?

Would we try to be the Homo economicus (rational man) who would maximise utility or  the Homo sapiens (wise man) whom we chose to name ourselves?

There is always a constant struggles in our lives on what are the things that we are supposed to do. If that is your struggle, then consider roles you are playing in your life. The responsibilities that accompanies our roles will determine how we choose the everyday tasks in our lives.

Our life is determined by the roles we choose to play. 

For, I am foremost 

1. a loving husband and responsible father and son (grandson included), 

2. a businessman striving to build an enterprise which could provide a good living to all (customers, employees and shareholders), 

3. an educator who is working towards helping every single soul who happens to cross his path.

Why are Roles important?

By prioritising our roles, we could have a heuristics to guide our behaviour. So if today, your boss asked you to sacrifice your family time for work, the ability to say NO will be easy. 

So when we are at a dilemma,we could look towards our roles we need to play in life to guide our decision making. 

To determine our roles we must prioritise the various roles we are playing.

"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

So if your boss ask to be ranked higher than your wife and your child, we should most probably move on to another job.

Ong Wee Hiang

I have been practising as an educator and investor since graduating from Nanyang Technological University. My belief is to seek things that are unquestionably good. By constantly reading, practising and reflecting, I hope to achieve Courage, Self Control and Wisdom.

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